April  4 -         S.P.A.C.E. group gallery show runs from  March 12 - April 25           


January -        Traveling in the mountains of Virginia from the 11 - 28 of Jan.

February -      Traveling in NYC from the 18 - 23 of Feb

March -          City Market open house to all the art galleries friday the 8th

June 14 -       Gallery show at the Mansion on Forsyth Park “Mixology of Paint”

July  5 -          Meet the Artist at the Mansion on Forsyth Park “Mixology of Paint”


June- July         Two man show with Eric Wooddell at The Butcher Gallery, Sav. GA

July -                 Art Show at the Habersham Healing Center

August - September    Traveling in Guatemala getting inspiration for new art work, and living life.

November-         Gallery show at the Mansion on Forsyth Park Nov 1 - Dec 1 show on the 9 th


February-          Travel in Costa Rica for inspiration

June-                 Solo show at the Dandelion in Orlando Florida

July -                 Move into larger gallery next door to my old one

August-             Join the Mansion at Forsyth Park Gallery  

September -      Big opening at the Kai Lin art Gallery in Atlanta

October-           * Big Solo show at “Taca” asian dinning

                         * Lecture for the city of Savannah at the S.P.A.C.E. Gallery

                         * Big open house gallery show in city market


February-               Traveling in Egypt and Morocco for inspiration

June-             “The Return to Love” book by Robert Jacoby & Brian MacGregor

June-               IASD Dream Conference in Asheville NC

August-           Traveling in Austria, Germany, and the Czeck Republic for inspiration

September-    “The Return to Love” book go’s global & Barnes and Nobel

September 24-26-     “Book signing show” at ‘Malprops’ book store and ‘The Market Place’      resturant in Asheville NC

October 1-         “Art Cure” at the Horizon Gallery big show with over thirty Global artists                     

December 10-   “Open Studio’s” gallery show within the city market art center.


February -    Peru / New work at the Bistro of Savannah "Spiral Rose" Solo Gallery Show

April -           Atlanta, Kai Lin Gallery "i.CANDY" group gallery show

May-             Savannah, New Moon of Savannah "Signs" group gallery show

June-            Savannah, Gallery Espresso "Sacred Valley" Solo gallery show


June-           Chicago, IASD group gallery show  

August-        Savannah Art Association AA group show at Merrill Lynch

September-  SAA group show on River Street

October-       Marshall House Hotel, 45 Bistro   

                     Savannah, Keep Cobb Beautiful 25th Anniversary silent auction  

ART NEWS:  S.p.a.c.e. gallery show April 4   

    Feel free to call the artist for any questions regarding availability  of original paintings and if they are marked sold then he may be able

to do a commission piece of it for you.



                 calendar of events Below


ARTIST: Brian MacGregor

SHOW TITLE:  "Mixed Mirrors"

WHERE: S.P.A.C.E.Gallery on Henry St. Savannah

OPENING Reception: April 4, 2014

Length of show:  March 12 - April 25

                                                                                                   “Mixed Mirror”


             MacGregor’s “Mixed Mirrors” is a series inspired by the mixed frame style he has been developing and hand-crafting the past six years for his paintings. The concept of the mixed frames spawned out of his main inspiration, the Collective Unconscious. For most of his art MacGregor collects hundreds of dreams from different people in multiple languages from around the world to illustrate the Collective Unconscious in a visual metaphor. He does this by collaging multiple dreams into his paintings, then drawing and painting oils over top of them.            

              Following the concept of using multiple dreams from multiple sources, it was only natural that his frames would follow a similar path and match the paintings. Being the type of artist to build every aspect of his work himself he began collecting frames from other artists and framers who no longer had use for them. After collecting nearly four hundred frames, frame sticks, and corners he was able to achieve a critical mass of recycled pieces to be able to bring his concept to life. Now with enough variety of frames the artist has made it virtually impossible to repeat himself, so that every frame is 100% original and its’ on work of art. After acknowledging the frames as their own original art form MacGregor decided to create a series where he could push himself sculpturally which is how the mirrors were born.

           “There is a certain magic in creating a work of art where the viewer’s literally sees themselves in the art. It is a concept too attractive, not to explore.”

Brian MacGregor